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AP9 Galleria—Parent Co Adaptive Marketing
AP9 Galleria—Parent Compay Adaptive Marketing Cancelled Months ago and still being billed

I don't even remember signing up for this program ("simple escapes"), although I vaguely remember looking around on a website with that any case, I called the # on my credit card over 6 months ago and cancelled, as they had been billing me for many months without my ever using it. As my husband looks over the VISA bill, ...

Connections123 - - - - -, - Ripoff

Claims someone used my email address to sign up for their service. Stated it had to come from me because I was the only one who new the login info. When I said it was company PC, it was a different story. Asked for money back, was told he could only refund on month - I demanded to speak to supervisor. She asked me how much and ...