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Universal reading service based out of virgina beach, va
Celina, tracking code 8163753 celina was the first to speak to me. Friendly, upbeat and seemed to know my interest. She acted as though she was talking on the side to me about recipes. I was told i had a trip for two

I was contacted on the pphone by celina, a friendly, upbeat woman whoo connected to me based onn my hobbies. She told me a was a definite contender in the 25,000.00 dream of a lifteime give away. Just for answering I had wonn a trip for two to florida. The she went on too explain the magazine offer very quickly and then ...

Area Circulation
Credit Card SCAM!

So this morning around 10:30am as I'm laying on the couch half asleep, I get a call on my cell phone from an UNAVAILABLE number. I'm curious to see who it is, so I answer. On the other end is the friendliest sounding boy. He tells me he's from Area Circulation, and that I've been entered into a sweepstakes to win several ...

Area Circulation
Stop From Ever Billing You Again! We Figured Out How! Area Circulation tried to enforce an illegal subscription agreement, refused to let us cancel, and tried to continue billing us!

My girlfriend was called by Area Circulation and she agreed to receive magazines from the company for $5.00 per month. She thought it sounded good, so she agreed. Next thing you know, we are being billed $49.95 monthly and receiving about 15-30 different magazines weekly! When we discovered what was happening, we of course ...