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Consumer Report

I had no idea they scammed me until today... They charged my t-mobile account 9.99 $ every month for the past 12 months. According to them i somehow signed up for it and they have no prove of it. I dont even know what this this is!!! ...

Unwanted charges

The corporation texted my telephone twice using the concept "solow subscribers restored 100pts and 20 guesses/day/sport at $9.99 per month" used to donot answer it since i thought it had been b a fraud. After I got the 2nd wording, i named my provider (run) immediately and questioned when ...

Unwanted service

Aparently I had been beign charged 9.99 for three-month to get a subcription service i supposely had subscribed. I believe it might have now been on facebook after I responded a study and did the error of checking for this company. I've no concept whatthis support does but I had been spending money ...

Unauthorized Charges

Unauthorized charge of $9.99 to my Verizon Account. This has happened several times untill I found out what the charge was for, and I did not authorize or played their guessing game. Do not charge my account 937-623 4589 again. If this happens again I am turning this over to my attorney as fraud ...