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FWM Laboratories-Acai Berry
I ordered the free trial. @ same time I ordered a promotional 6 month supply in the amount of $187.60 using debit on 12/16/09. On 1/4/10,2 unauthorized charges of $79. Received 1/2 free trial

I ordered the free trial on 12/16/09. At the same time I ordered a 6 month supply of Life Cleanse and AcaiBerry Detox in the amount of $187.60 using my debit card. I received my 6 month supply and only 1/2 of my free trial bottles. I called them about the missing bottle and they gave me a bogus ...

FWM Laboratories - Acai Berry
WellAppeal 44203139902 I was paying my Visa bill and noticed 2 charges for 133.38 for something I did not order. I sent away for a free trial there is no mention of being billed anything else

I had heard that the Acai Berry was a great way to lose weight. When I saw it online I ordered it as a free trial just pay for shipping and handling. I went to pay my Visa bill today and low and behold there are two charges on there for 133.38 none of the documentation was there any talk of ...

FWM Laboratories / Acai Berry

I also am recognizing exactly what a fraud. I've been billed 87.13 quickly following the preliminary handling costs. The large kicker is I never obtained the very first test container. I've been billed 87.13 again as well as the preliminary costs again. I've named repeatedly to determine when they ...