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Pro Flowers
Easy Saver Rip Off

I first purchased flowers from Pro Flowers in 2009. At the time of purchase there was a place were you could sign up for their easy saver service, you would get a discount on flowers and free shipping. I declined. Unknown to me they started charging my credit card for the easy share. My husband just brought it to my attention ...

Pro Flowers
Flower arrangements

I orderd a $19.99 agreement and the period the payment completed it found $32.97. They came in a container from FedEx actually. The standard was horrible. The blossoms and also wilted were little and survived all 3 times. They explained when I attempted for connecting together and I qualified to get a delivery refund it was ...

Pro Flowers Inc
Excessive shipping charges

I ordered from Pro Flowers online for Valentine's day and when the checkout page came up, all the extra charges shocked me and there was no area where these could be edited or a choice made. For two orders, the shipping, special shipping and handling was $45.94 That's 28% of my order. It would be less expensive to look up a ...