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Text 89623, Text 44999 IQ Test - This company preys on teens who have cell phones and who don't understand repet billing scams. Parents can control credit cards, but this company uses cell phones to scam unwary kids.inTERNET

Recently, I looked at my mobile phone bill and noted data charges of $20.18 per month associated with my daughter's cell phone number. I called my service provider and asked about the charges which were labeled Premium TXT Services and was advised that I had been charged $20.18 per month for the past three months and that the ...

Mobile Messenger Americas, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, And Canada
Premium SMS service Scam, California-USA, 20 Gateway Blvd, Canning Vale, 6155 AU

Mobile Messenger Americas (and its incarnations in New Zealand, Ireland, its home of Australia, and the UK) are in the business of either scamming folks into agreeing to premium SMS charges without realizing it, or you might not even have to accidentally authorize somebody to begin charging your cell phone up to 19.99 for each ...