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Easy Saver Rewards
Rip off

I ordered from Pro Flowers just over a month ago. And I NEVER signed up for the Easy Saver garbage. I do not even know what exactly it is or was; just that I did not want it, declined it, and said I was not interested in it. And my credit card was charged anyway a month later. Charged without my permission. Granted, the ...

Easy Saver Rewards
Scam alert

I too ordered flowers through Pro Flowers and clicked on a rebate for 15 dollars. Then my credit card account started showing charges for Easy Saver and EMI Marketing. These are the same company. However, I never authorized these charges. I have no idea how they got my card number. This is a scam. So far I have notified my ...

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Easy Saver Rewards, Encore Marketing, ProFlowers Cherry Moon Farms Unauthorized charges to credit card associated with purchase at Cherry Moon Farms website

While placing an order for a fruit basket at Cherry Moon Farms cherrymoonfarms.com, subsidiary of ProFlowers was charged a membership fee (one time of $1.95 an ongoing monthly charge of $14.95) without authorization by Easy Saver Rewards easysaverrewards.com. Realized problem when conducting routine check of credit card bill. ...