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Took money roof not done

NO!! the business is not satisfactory, I would like to proceed in this matter until they come correct and send my money. They have not reach out to me not once, I'm always calling them with their nasty attitueds so unprofessional. Yes they did send a check in the amount of $956.22, and yes I return the check to Alliance Group. ...

Alliance Group Services, / Network Service Billing, Inc
Alliance Group Services/Network Service Billing, Slamming by company to change long distance provider - get your money back & Westport, & Conneticut - Nationwide Service

I noticed a strange company billing for long distance (USBI) on my phone bill even though I had Verizon's Freedom Business Package which offers long distance and toll calling all in one package. After a bit of research I come to find that a call that came in by a Sales Rep that stated they were representing Verizon. Long ...

Alliance Group Entertainment Mike Karkeh Mike Karkehabadi Alliance Music
Theft, dishonest, ripoff, steal investors money, fraud. CEO convicted of credit card fraud, corporate fraud Ripoff

Do not invest in or give any money for any reason to this company. You will lose it. Mike Karkeh has stolen and lied about investors funds and stole them. He has a past of dishonest business practices for a long time, he just keeps changing names, hiding money, names, and moving around. They are being investigated and sued. ...

Alliance Group Entertainment Inc Mike Karkeh, Mike Kay, Mike Karkehabadi, Mahmoud Karkehabadi
Fraud, theft. Misrepresentation, grand theft, embezzlement, corporate fraud, hiding identity Nationwide

This company has a principal officer who is a convicted criminals with many names. Mike aka Mahmoud Karkehabadi is paying restitution of 25 million dollars now. He has stolen the investments in his current movie production. Claiming it is bonded and guaranteed using names of actors and movies he or they never did. You WILL get ...