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High cost, Low benefits

Our company (Among The large banks getting tons of taxpayer cash to wash up their poor company methods) changed my medical health insurance protection to Aetna and that I have experienced only issues since. Aetna appears to protect hardly any when compared with my former supplier plus they show a ...

Number One Tire
Held My car Hostage

On Dec. 30th, 2008 i brought my car into Number One tire in warwick to get it State Inspected. I was told that it would be a couple of hours so i left my phone number and left / walked home. About an Hour Later the phone rand and it was number one tire calling. I was informed that my car needed the ...

Verizon FIOS
Billing Practices

We plumped for a Verizon FiOS pack (Wire, Web, Long-Distance) @ $99 per month overdue in 2007. Ever since then they've billed us $140 per month for the pack plus one more $29 for HBO aqnd the Film Route, providers we NEVER required. We reported once and we were returned $145 but began again with ...