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Silverleft Mortgage
Clifford Keller

Tom I just Would Like To Know Why You ( Endorse ) Silverleaf Mortgage -- The reason That I Ask I Saw You On TV. And You Referred That Silverleaf Was A Good Company To Have A Reverse Mortgage Done By . I Did Have A Refinance Done By Silverleaf I Am Still Have Money Coming To Me Approx . $ 1400.00 Plus - I Have Call On Several ...

Go Toyota Scion Arapahoe
Denied use of our pre-approved credit, convincing us to use their inflated financing. Let us leave with new car with only our pre-existing liability-only insurance

We wanted to buy a Toyota Prius, but could not gain the full coverage insurance on the weekend. We were prepared to leave without the car until a weekday when we had acquired the necessary insurance. The finance officer convinced us not to worry about the insurance just yet, because that would be an easy obstical to overcome. ...