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Ashley Funiture
Consumer Report

On 03/01/2013 we went to ashley funiture and paid this amount, and the couch was to a price match of 998. Which we were over charged 80.22 plus we told her we wanted it dilivered, is 79.00. It wasto take 3 weeks to come in which gave us plenty of time to get our frontroom finished. Furniture wasnt ...

Tradewinds Hoosiers / Ben Cook Ceo
Heartless, lying, thieves never gave me a dime in addition NEVER refunded MY money I used for tolls!

Happy holidays to you!!! How do you sleep in your beds at night, knowing your drivers leave their homes and families in pursuit of an HONEST living; in the end NEVER to receive one red cent and lose personal funds used for tolls and scales that were supposed to be refunded once a receipt was ...

Hoosier Tradewinds Trucking
Benchmark They scam drivers out of their pay after driving OVTR for months @ a time. Their trucks are not up to standard codes, the company does not have their IFTA Stickers that are required by state laws. The

Hoosier Tradewinds is the biggest ripoff trucking company Ive ever delt with. They are all liars. They have you to drive for them for months @ a time tell you you have a paycheck, upon your arrival back to the terminal they tell you you owe them money, and let you go without any notice. Their ...