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Certegy / Regions Bank
Declined checks

I'm so sick and tired of reasons from areas and certegy. Areas debited my bill for over 1000 bucks and accepted it had been almost all their problem. Today 14 days later I'm no further able to create checks where certegy procedures inspections. No body really wants to acknowledge problem however now I can not get my kids ...

Verizon FIOS
Delivery overdue

I've been a Verizon FIOS client since January 7th 2008. After I registered for that support I had been guaranteed a Pointed 19-inch HD TELEVISION arranged being an incentive. It's today 4 weeks without any shipping with no indicator of when there can be one. After I contact Verizon I can't get handed their automatic speech ...

Verizon FIOS
What a disappointment!

I would like to preface this by stating that I'm happy with my telephone and online sites supplied by Verizon Fios. That said, I'm totally disappointed using their wire support. First they assured me providers they CAn't supply. It would appear that no body continues to be effectively educated how the gear works, one individual ...