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Dry rot boots

Hello i purchased a 54 buck set of shoes at kmart they nfell aside returned got another set they did the same got incoact with seras simply because they truly own kmart keep in touch with dylan and he explained that kmart might contact me in 2 bisiness dats plus they haven't made it happen however its been all many per week and ...

Wireless, iTalk LLC, Amir K. Bishai, Andrew J. Guizar, Bradley S. Church, Brad Church, Ahsan Melwani CROOKS - UNETHICAL CROOKS

This Verizon Reseller lied about the return policy and said they had a 14 day worry-free guarantee exchange policy just like Verizon but it's really 3 days. They are jerks and they are very sneaky, which is why when you call their office, the voice mail doesn't say the name of the company... There is a reason they don't have a ...

Homeand pro studio
HAPS Bate and switch

Ryan Hagen selling on ebay as home and pro studio sold a mac pro at what seemed a very good price. One configured like the one advertised would go for $600.00 more due to the computer having at least $500.00 worth of memory installed. I had to know it was too good to be true. He was paid using paypal and then I didnt hear from ...

Anthony Concialdi
Tony Con Man

It appears that we were not the first ones to fall prey to thecons andliesand deceptionused by Tony Concialdi of Crystal Lake, IL. I read a similar report someone posted in March 2009, it sounds almost exactly like my story, but here goes: Tony's son is a star player on our son's little league football team in Prairie Grove. ...

Comcast tv cable service
UNFAIR Business practices

Caution Prevent comcast should you do not desire to be another victm. "RATS "COMCAST "RATS" Illegal business practices. "Authorized Thieves" They are able to screw-up anything however the statement. The statement is definitely thus exact and thus right (for COMCAST). The statement may display everything-including issues we ...