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UltraLife PM
UltraLife PM green tea & hoodia: UltraLife PM somehow gets your card number and sends their product to you and then woun't take it back—An online purchase

I received two bottles of Pure Health green tea & Hoodia daily appetite suppresent out of the blue. I did not order a free trial. But my charge card was charged $99 for these two bottles. $99!!! I called to return the two bottles (I'm not even sure now where I got a telephone number it was so ...

UltraLifePM, OnePharmacyWorld, Purehealth, StrategyHealth, CJWHoldingsIncII, SHGEnterprises
UltraLifePM - akaOnePharmacyWorld - Purehealth - StrategyHealth - CJWHoldingsIncII - SHGEnterprises - Ultra Life PM - One Pharmacy World has been charging my credit card after confirming the cancellation of shipments on 09/15/06 under different names!

Ultra Life PM; aka One Pharmacy World confirmed a cancellation of shipments on 09/15/06. But they charge my credit card every month under different names. The phone numbers on the credit card statements are cancelled or they don't answer them. I am now out hundreds of dollars and can't put a stop ...

Ultralife Pm Fulfillment
Big ripoff

I did not order this yet when I called number listed I got the run around I cancelled but unable to get a refund on the money they removed from my account. Some one has been using my credit card and this was reported to my bank I con't afford the 99 dollars they took and I don't want what they have ...