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Gmac Mortgage

A Federal Investigation should be done on GMAC. Please don't be surprized when more people loss their homes, foreclose, or file bankrupcy. The mortgage companies are giving out bogus modifications, so they can get Government money. I went to GMAC as soon as i found out that my income was dropping ...

G.M.A.C. (aka) Homecomings Financial - GMAC
G.M.A.C., Homecomings Financial - GMAC Mortgage modification fraud, no denial letter, two times trail payment with no modification

To whom this may concern, I could use your help to get a modification on my home so I don't get into foreclosure. Let me tell you my situation please. I have been trying to get a Government modification for over a year now. I signed up with Save my home USA and paid $1,800 to them to get me a ...