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Credit One Bank
Rip off artist

After being released from bankrupcy, Credit One sent me you are pre qualified for a Credit One Platinum VISA card just send back the signed form and the card would be sent to the fine print after sending it back, because I had to restart building my credit, I saw in the tiny print a $75 ...

Credit One Bank
Credit One Ridiculous fees, overcharges, and lock-ins that border on usury and loan-sharking. This is the most predatory lender in the credit card industry and should be avoided at all costs. Their objective is

This is the most predatory Credit Card company in the industry. And they are to be avoided at all costs. I don't know how they've managed to stay in businesses, because their rates and practices are just on this side of the line for usury and loan sharking. They may not be illegal, but they are ...