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Hampton Essentials
This online company totally scammed me out of money for a product I never received. I have not received any response to the several emails and phone messages I have left for the company regarding my order in October of 2008

Hampton essentials is a scam online company preying on consumers in search of a bargain in these dismal economic times. I have made several attempts to contact a representative by phone and email to no avail. No one responds to the emails and when I call the number listed for the company, an ...

SMX Trucking Company (Smithway Motor Express) Unknown Truck Driver
SMX Trucking Company (Smithway Motor Express) I was threatened and then attacked by one of their drivers, who injured my neck and shoulder

I am seeking a Texas civil attorney to help me with a suit against SMX for damages resulting from the attack on me... Please contact me, quickly. At 0800 on October 22,2007, a rainy morning in Round Rock, Texas... I was instructed by the site worker to back my truck into a place on the lot of the ...