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Earn $? Untrue and a waste of time!

I saw an ad on tv last night that said that you can make $ by taking surveys online. I need $ so I signed up. I was directed to numerous sites which had me fill in personal surveys to qualify. It sent me from page to page, asking very personal information like my home mortgage company to my sexual ...

Free Trial is not Free!

A while back I went for the "free trial' from Dermitage, now they are trying to take 75.90 off my debit card. They haven't got yet. Thank goodness. I also did not see the s/p details on it. This is a rip off, they are doing this on purpose and are trying to take money from people who live ...

Dermitage, rip off

I accepted the 'free trial' with only the $6.95 shipping and handling fee to be charged. And after checking my credit card statement realized that I was charged the $73.92 without my approval for my FREE experience. And after digging a bit further, I found a second charge of $69.95. SO, totalling ...

Ripped me off

Wow, i thought it would be great to see if this product would really work on my dark circles... (it didn't) for the price of shipping and handling. I had no idea they were going to charge $70.00 if they didn't hear back from me. I feel this company is very misleading to the comsumer. I guess if ...