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Its a scam New York

I recieved a letter saying I was randomly selected and won 39,000.00 and enclosed was a check that looked like it could be real it had washington Mutual logo like it was from there bank. They ask you to call this number and ask for Jonathan Edwards or Dorothy Foreman. So I called the man sounded ...

Fidelity Trust
They sent me a letter stating that a check is enclosed for 4950 to pay the taxes for my grant that i won for a home improvement of 39000 go and cash the check and send off 3150 delivery

For people to send a letter from new york saying nthat you won a grant for 39,000 its a lie. You would think your life changed forever considering you have bills to pay and you want the best for your family, to do this it was wrong and they shall be punished. This was the worst thing that could ...