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Salute Visa

I have had the card for a little over 6 months, made all my payments on time, even got an automatic balance increase last month because of my good payment history, and last week on 1/28/09, I sent in another payment and over the weekend went on line to see if pymt received. I could not get any ...

Salute Visa Gold
Credit Card Fraud

I was recently sent a letter from My Salute Visa regarding my credit card account. I was divorced a few years ago and am trying to rebuild my credit. I found this company and paid the exorbitant fees associated with getting this card in order to try rebuilding my credit. I have always paid every ...

Total ripoff

I have read several complaints on here about SALUTE I to have experianced a stop payment on a check that was mailed well in advance and in plenty of time to get to them and be cashed. As some of you mentioned I to ended up stopping payment after 3 weeks the same process was givin to me. $30.00 to ...