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Italian Guy

An italian guy came up to me in aparking lot and told me he had a show on south beach and had some Armani jackets to sell bacause he had to go back to italy. He showed me his passport plane ticket everything. H tried to burrn the jacket with his lighter and it would not burn. He told me he would ...

Dogg Digital Audio, Digital Research
Dogg Digital & other Stereo Speakers sold from a car or van as they approach you at a stop light or parking lot telling you a BS story

I've been approached by these guys in SUV's about 4 times in the last couple of years. It's always in some parking lot. This last time was at a grocery store, and they were trying to sell some of their garbage to some kids, so I walked up and told them it was totally bogus. The salesmen got fairly ...


On July 31,2002 I was walking out of Best Buy and stopped by two white males, probably in their mid 20's driving a white SUV. They claimed that they had to get rid of two extra speakers before they met with their boss. They had a truck full of them claiming that they were worth 1300 dollars a ...