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EDM au Rathmar Pty Ltd
EDM Au, Rathmar Pty Ltd, Forbes Trading, Matt Watts, Eli Briffa, Daniel Dalley Scam, Con, Gold Coast scam, two kiwis and a lebo ripping off aussies, ponzi scheme Gold Coast QLD Gold Coast where else!

Eli Briffa formerly of St Gallens and Outlay Solutions and Blue Point Trading has grown a set of lebo balls and finally put his name behind a company. Thats good cos now the authorities can finally arrest him... All sorts of laws in Australia for fraud when your'e the director hopefully he'll end ...

Edm Solutions
P/L We Found Them Early Before They Ripped Too Many People Off! Yet another Gold Coast Scam believed to be run (but not owned) by ELI BIFFRA Othe

The Infamous Corporate Center... Home of the Gold Coast scamsters' virtual offices. Give them a phone and they're off. They really believe we are not on to how they are operating. Pay them a visit at: BUSINESS: EDM SOLUTIONS ADDRESS: Level 15 Corporate Centre One, 2 Corporate Court, Bundall QLD ...