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Address: 86 North University Ave, #400
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Order a fee trial of colorhin. Paid shipping. Then 3 months later they charge my card. I canceled my account when I saw the charge. However I never received the product nor has the money been put back in my account! Wish they would at least send the product so I can return it for my 30 day money ...
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Found a "recurring" check card purchase on my personal checking account! This was unauthorized. I had ordered their (free) sample for shipping charges of $7.79 on January 22,2013. Nothing in their promo said ANYTHING about being charged more at a later time. No phone number to contact ...

Complex Cleanse
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I ordered the free sample and paid 7.79 shipping charges. On Sept 18 my credit card was charged $69.95. I called the number on my statement and it was a wrong number. I'm afraid this company will keep on charging me every month and I cannot contact them about this. ...