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Scottsdale Capital Advisors
Justine Hurry, John Hurry, Nick Oneill, Timothy Scarpino, Ken Lapoor Watch your monthly statements. They are trying to rip me off by charging $1094.34 for an $8.50 normal commission

In under 2 yrs, I've created more than 800 deals with this particular organization. All of the deals were via the web but many were within the phone. A 1000 share industry was usually billed a fee of $8.95. Last March, I created two 1000 share deals on a single evening - one was billed $8.95, ...

Scottsdale Capital Advisors
John Hurry, Scottsdale Capital, Justine Hurry will take you for every penny they can get. Beware of Fraud and Misconduct. Small Businesses Beware! DO NOT LEASE FROM JOHN HURRY at 7170 E McDonald Drive in

DO NOT LEASE from John Hurry and Scottsdale Capital Advisors unless you want to get seriously taken for a ride. Myself and half of the other tenants in his building experienced a tripling of CAM charged from the year previous to when he did not own the building. When Hurry was questioned about it, ...