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GNS, Inc
Fraudulently charged my credit card for Slim Seductions. NEVER heard of or ordered it. Canceled my card at the first charge of $4.95. They now send delinquent notices saying $79.90 is due

GNS, Inc. Fraudulently charged me $4.95 for Slim Seductions, a product that I had never even heard of. That's not the part that really gets me... About a month later they send me the actual product - that I NEVER ordered - and I would not have accepted the package, but it was delivered to the ...

GNS (Global Nutrition Sciences)- Slim Seduction
GNS - Global Nutrition Sciences - Slim Seduction Order originated fraudulently. Despite immediately contacting GNS and following their return instructions, they now (4 months later) are trying to collect $79.90

Synopsis: received product we did not order (had never had contact with this company), immediately called to resolve issue, with a lot of difficulty and after having our bank call them we were given a return authorization # for the product and were credited the $3.95 shipping charge (all seemed ...