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J. D Buyrider - JD ByRider - Rolando Alarado, And Dave Newman
Has had the car for only 7 months and a week after having the car, parts started to need replaced or repaired

I bought a 2002 Saturn of this year. After a week of having the car, the transmission had to be rebuilt, not only that, 7 months later the transmission had to be repaired, since then I replaced cram shaft, spark plugs, gas filter, they didn't even changed the oil on the car before they sold it, and ...

J.D. Byrider
Ripoff, dishonest

I've been a J.D. Byrider customer for 2 years and I can't believe how they are treating me. My September of 2004, I took my van in for service along with a descriptive list of problems my van was having. On my list I put down that the service engine soon light just started coming on and ...