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K-2 Diane Glatfelter 2-11 Ventures Bob Rice And Associates
This group has set up what looks to be a PONZI scheme. After a year of waiting on repeated promises to perform, not one piece of documentation has been produced

Our investment group happens to be involved in a start up company that was promised funding from this group, in a short period of time. We were coerced into the short term lending with promises of a two week turn around to the funds. After eight months of waiting, our group began to ask for ...

K2 Unlimited - 211 Ventures - Diane Glatfelter - Bob Rice
Diane and Bob have taken $100's possibly Millions without producing any reaults and won't refund any money

Diane Glatfelter and Bob Rice of K2 Unlimited say that they can provide funding into the 100's of millions of dollars for projects and take payments their contract says are refundable only to not perform and not refund any payments taken. Occassionally, they will refund the squeekiest wheel but by ...