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Genie Bra
Tri Star/Ship out of Wallingford Ct, Corporate Offices in Fairfield New Jersey, Admin offices in Reading PA NOT AS ADVERTISED - NON-REFUNDABLE SHIPPING CHARGE RIDICULOUS Internet

I fell for the TV infomercial that showed great improvement in womens appearance after putting on the Genie Bra. It does NOT do the things they show. It does not lift - it provides no modesty coverage - nothing at all. Appears to be THE definition of bait and switch. How do those women on TV not ...
Consumer Report

I made, after watching their infomercial, a phone order on 08-06-2011, using my credit card for a total of $187.90, PH totaled $57.95! I should have ordered through QVC—so reputable and my daughter did this. Every call to the 973-287-5154 indicates they are having technical trouble, please call ...