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Hanlees Toyota Dealership Group
Al Garner Hanlees Toyota Chevy Al Garner ripoff very, very unprofesional, abusive, really BAD attitude, That kind of abusive activity should not be allowed in ANY work place

Everything in that report is true. Come on everybody. Back me up. You all know it's true. Are you afraid? Of what? No one will know you if you don't want them too. Just use a different name. doesn't ask for any info just a valid email and a name just for them. They will NOT post ...

Hanlees Chevrolet Toyota
Al Garner, the all time Hanlees Toyota swine who makes all of his employes feel like scum and thinks everyone is afraid of him

This statement is approximately Al Garner. He's the the overall Supervisor at hanlees toyota. Lots of people end up having him but are therefore scared to record him. I have noticed folks state that it is no use since he makes so much cash for that organization the homeowners, one of these han lee, ...