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The Modeling Agency For Event And Trade Show Hilary Rachel Lauren Promomodels will not pay for work, don't respond to calls emails! Don't work with this model staffing agency. They are scammers!

Promomodels is a fake legal company! They don't pay for work, don't respond to emails, phone calls, or messages. There is always someone who is 'no longer with the company, ' so that, you need to contact somebody else. They have automatic respond for their emails: " Hi, Thank you for ...

PromoModels BrandStaffing OnPointMarketing The Agency Lucas Beddows, Hillary, Kelly, Brittany Lauren
PromoModels BrandStaffing Onpoint Marketing Lucas Beddows Hillary Troutman Kelly Brittany Lauren Scammers, Swindlers & Cheaters - FRAUDULENT business scheme - con artisits - dishonest shysters - phony bogus agency

Warning: do not work with this company - PromoModels is one of the best run scams I've ever encountered. Somehow, they seem to keep themselves "legal". You don't have to take my word for it but, if you work with them you run a high risk that you may not be paid!!! Good Luck! PromoModels ...