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Credit Acceptance Corporation
Calling my place of work daily, demanding full payment. Then garnished my checking account. Now have no money to feed my children. Ripoff

Purchased a vehicle. Had problems with the company that sold the vehicle, they sold us a vehicle that was not mechanically sound. Filed numerous BBB reports against the selling company, in which they paid them off to stop the bad reports. The company has since went bankrupt (with hundreds of ...

Credit Acceptance Corporation
Claimed that me and my spouse purchased another car from them before our newer one and marked our credit and demanded payment Ripoff

This company first had someone from the United States as my co-signer for the longest time, and then they said that I purchased a car from them and had to pay them. When I told them that was impossible for to buy a car at that time due to my age and canadian laws, they stuck the car bill on my ...