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Vance Realty, Barbara Vance, Barbara Killian-Pitcher, Diane Rogers
Orlando Realtors did not disclose lead-base paint contamination in house, $200,000 in damages

What do you do against a realtor (s) who didn't disclose lead-base paint contamination in the house you bought from them? They are walking away with their $40,000 commission and could care less. They claim that the put a lot of effort into making it right, tried renting the contaminated property, ...

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Bait-and-Switch Job Advertizing - Company is Preying on Needy Job Seekers - "Verification Representative" Position is NOT as Advertized, Internet, and Nationwide

Like many of you out there I am a victim of the current economy and, therefore, out of my search for a job as an administrative assistant I came across a job posting for a position entitled "Verification Representative"; it read as follows: "We are a nation wide company based ...