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Qwest Communications International
Us Network (re-seller of Qwest services) failed to deliver what they had promised. Even 2 months later phones are still not working as promised!

Summary I had phones completely disconnected for 5 days total and have been trying to get everything back up and running for two weeks now! Detail Decided to switch phone service to Qwest based on the customer service they displayed and promised while I was shopping for providers. My service rep, ...

Qwest Communications International
Fails to honor bundle prices, adds mysterious, unitemized $200 plus fees, charges early-termination fees despite contract changes

Unfortunately, this is not a concise history, but it's all pertinent. It started in may 2006 when I decided to take Qwest up on their $99/mo. Bundle for Landline, DSL and Wireless service. To start my new service, Qwest wanted me to physically pay $399 by money order at one of their payment centers ...

Qwest Communications - OSP Communications, The Billing Resource
OSP Communications illegally billed me $15.54 thru The Billing Resource on my Qwest bill

We received our Qwest Communications phone bill today. We only have a basic phone line thru them for internet purposes. The usual monthly cost for that alone is $26.15. We do not have a home phone even plugged in; therefore, we never use our home phone number to make nor receive calls. Our bill ...