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Kress Employment Solution - Coleman And Greene Group Services
Kress employment solution a division of coleman and greene group services i actually lost $1950.00 and the worst part i was only trying to find a job

I received the a letter that didn't have a return to sender address. Upon opening it read "CONGRATULATIONS you have been selected to be one of our representatives to be a Customer Service Evaluator". Now usually if I would receive something like this in the mail and I already had a job ...

Kress Employment Solutions (a Div Of Coleman & Greene Group Services)
I have contacted the Better Business Burea and have asked them to investigate and create a report on this company

It sounds like a scam, but I am unsure at this point. The check they send covers the expenses, and you receive a pay of $360 (evaluation/training pay), the remainder of the monies goes to making purchases as Sears, Walmart and Moneygram. What happens if I do deposit the check? Since no one I know ...