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Raymond Morris Utah Momentum Leasing LLC
Raymond Morris Of Momentum Leasing, LLC, Luc Nguyen Attorney At Law, Direct Investor (s)/ have ceased all communication with its 3rd party PPMs/investors after promising dates of return of their principles and interest

Investment was made into a PPM which invested into Ray Morris's company, E & R Holdings. This investment was eventually removed from E&R Holdings for some reason and moved into Momentum Leasing. Paperwork to this affect was in order. Only now was it recently disclosed as to why the move was ...

Raymond Morris Utah Momentum Leasing LLC
Raymond Paul Morris: E&R Holdings, Wise Financial LLC, Momentum Leasing Investment Fraud / Leasing Company Fraud / 3rd Party PPM Fraud

If you googled the name Raymond Morris and came across this consumer complaints then you are probably in the same boat I am. You probably invested with a third party PPM that invested with Ray Morris. Now, the money has mysteriously disappeared and you just want your money back. Well, hop aboard, ...