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Address: 1333 N. Buffalo Dr Suite #190
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A M kuba
Jewgieniew and his company Realty one group Conning their Agents with UNEXPECTED and UNJUST OFFICE RATE INCREASE Las Vegas, Henderson, North, South, and Arizona

Kuba jewgieniew, broker and president of Realty one group IS A CROOK and he is Ripping Off his own agents by Sudden and UNEXPECTED Office Rate Increase when agents were Guaranteed a FIXE $25 fee due to the office. I want to give you a piece of my mind kuba, you little man. You are the Scum of the ...

Realty One Group Las Vegas, NV And AZ
Bate and switch scam. UNETHICAL CORPORATE BROKER, RIPPING OFF THE AGENTS, Henderson, Summerlin And MoreREa and Arizona

Kuba Jewgieniew the corporate broker IS A SCAM ARTIST and LURED HUNDREDS of AGENTS from other Real Estate offices to Realty one Group with a low $25 per month Office fee GUARANTEED FOR LIFE and He has now RAISED THE FEES DUE TO THE OFFICE TO $100. This Is CRIMINAL, IT IS CALLED BATE AND SWITCH AND ...