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Advanced Processing International / Global Ventures POSA PREPAid - th
Barry Wernick, Richard Arnold, Barry Wernick, Richard Arnold SCUM BAG SCAM ARTISTS ARE STILL OUT THERE - I too, bilked out of 13K

I too was scammed out of over $13K by Barry Wernick & Richard Arnold in 2005 by their frauduant "prepaid calling card" business - join the club! I have lists of other victims with totals of over 1 million $ that these scumbags ripped off of innocent people. I guess I should not have ...

Wale Odimayo,, shipitbridgemons, orbitrongold
Wale Odimayo,, shipitbridgemons, orbitrongold shipping fraud, shipping scam, cheate

Wale Odimayo scammed me into accepting his quote for freight that he knew was way too low now I have to pay more to remove from the Pier. Too many excuses delays, lies, it seems I'm not the only one to complain but why don't the authorities deal with you, you gather a reputation not to be trusted. ...

Wale Odimayo Bridgemons, Orbitrongold
BRIDGEMONS, ORBITRONGOLD WALE ODIMAYO Tricked me into accepting their lowest bid of $1350 on uship website for shipping a 2006 Mitsubishi Raider Pickup Truck to UK

Mr Wale Odimayo of Bridgemons (Orbitrongold) LLC uses the good names of Uship website ( to tricked me into accepting his lowest bid for shipping my 2006 Mitsubishi raider pick up truck to United kingdom. He made a bid of $1350 which I accepted on 8th February 2008 upon assuring me ...