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Ticketmaster I purchased 7 tickets to Dialog in the Dark museum and was charged for 21. I finally was able to get the company to refund for seven but have to date been unable to recover the money for the final 7

After attempting to purchase museum tickets on line with no success, I called the customer service number and was able to order the tickets on the telephone. Two days later I found out my credit card had been charged not once not twice but three times for the tickets. The phone order was charged by ...

TicketMaster / ENT Entertainment
After Buying tickets they sold my information to ENT Entertainment and they have been charging my bank account for nothing!

TicketMaster sold my information without my consent to ENT Entertainment which then this compnay starting charging my bank account, without my consent a 9.00$ charge every month. You are told by the ENT Entertainment that you agreed or someone in your house agreed to these charges but i didnt know ...