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Peoples Rebate
Association Lies and Ripoffs I got a call at my work number, telling me that I had been approved for a Visa with a $2500 limit and a good interest rate if I paid $299.95. The rest is the same as all the other complaints

Same story with the other complaints. I have called several times, first when I never received anything from them, kept putting me off said it was coming, etc. When I called and told them that this was a scam and I wanted my money back they said I had to wait for the "package" in order to ...

People's Rebate Association
Huge rip-off!

This Company is a HUGE Scam! Thanks to the information I received on this site I was lucky enough to catch them before they got me however, when I called to cancel my order I was told I had to pay a $29.95 cancellation fee and when I asked to have the direct number to peoples rebate association I ...

People Rebate Association

In october i excepted an offer for a credit card with a 2500.00 credit limit in which i was suppose to have a daily withdraw of 500.00 a day i was told i was refursed a credit card and i was denied and my information was forwarded to this company and i was assured that this card would be 2500.00 so ...