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USA Credit Institution

I was contact seven weeks ago and told I was approved for a $5000.00 loan. All I had to do was either get a co-signer, put a lean on a home, or put 10% down. I put the ten percent down and did not receive the funds. I was then told I had to put an additional $350 down for taxes and I did. Lisa the ...

Usa Lending - City Financial
USA LENDING INSTITUTION - CITY FINANCIAL - METRO CREDIT FINANCIAL - ATC Marketing Group - Peachstate Financial Services ripoff approved for loan but have to send money to secure it never received the loan and Internet

I went to and applied for a $5,000 loan. A few weeks after, I was contacted by Anita who left a message saying that I was approved for the loan. Another day, one Ben Johnson called from the same company with the same information. He told me that to secure the loan I'll ...