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National Vehicle Protection Services
Unprofessional, Aggressive

I contacted National Vehicle Protection to receive a quote for my car. I told the sales rep, (I believe his name was Nathan), that my car had 85,000 miles on it, he responded sarcastically "85,000?!" I responded with a "yes" and was informed that the supervisor would have to approve my warranty. After speaking with the supervisor and getting my coverage "approved, " she told me I would "have to make a decision by the end of the phone call" (#1 indicator that a company doesn't care about your best interest and just wants its commission).

After receiving "permission" to receive an extended warranty and "overriding the system" (BS), I was told what my quote was by this male sales rep who was already getting on my nerves because he was so overly aggressive and obnoxious. I informed the sales rep that I wanted to be emailed a copy of my quote, which he wouldn't do. I also wanted a copy of the contract, so he directed me to the website, briefly skimmed it over with me and insisted that I make a decision today because 1. They couldn't override the system 2. How were they to know that I wouldn't call tomorrow with a broken down transmission. (How does he know it's not already broken down? Idiot) So, I must make a decision NOW. I told him I wasn't make a decision today and he repeatedly said "Why wouldn't you? You'll get a refund after 30 days, so give me your CC or VISA information..." and I said "No, I want to go over this info. With my father first" His response: "Give me your father's phone number now and we'll do a conference call." I insisted "NO" and told him all the other companies I had looked at NEVER made me make a decision RIGHT NOW. And he said "Well, I don't know what other co's you're looking at or referring to but I can assure you were are... (and started listing off silly A, BBB info...)

I told him I wasn't going to argue with him at this point, I wasn't making a decision because my father was the decision maker because HE bought the car! Not me! So... He said "OK GIVE ME your father's cell phone number, we're doing a conference call (again!)" and I said "No, that's innapropriate and he's working..." It went on and on and on and on like this for 20 MINUTES. How does this company receive ANY CUSTOMERS? It's basically a SCAM. I've never encountered such a rude, arrogant, disrespectful, belittling sales rep in my life. Absolutely baffling.

I would NEVER buy product from this company!!! Ended up hanging up on him!

I wouldn't purchase ANYTHING from National Vehicle Protection!


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