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Complaint / Review
Nestle DSD
Dreyers Grand Ice cream Bad work enviroment, poor treatment of employees, uncaring

Nestle DSD took over many companys in the last few years. Such as Dryers GRand Ice Cream and Kraft food. These were amazing and thriving companys with happy well adjusted employees until Neslte took over. Nestle gives its employees 15 cent raises once a year if the emplyoees beg for it. They use to have bonus incentive programs and nestle revamped them so they could give the employees less money for bonuses and less often. Going from once a month for hard work to every three months! Made employess think the program was being revamped to become better yet it was only to save this company money. Who in this day and age only gives a hard working employee a 15 cent raise. How is that going to help a person who has a family and may be struggling in the current economy. Nestle took away all the companys yearly family picnics and free xmas parties. They took away programs where employees had people to cover them in a 5 day work week to a 7 day work week where there is always only one employee to do a job. Meaning that if that employee has a emergency at home they are UNABLE to leave because there is no one to back them up! The employees are even unable to take there promised vacations on dates they want due to lack of back up. They think by not having enough employees, takeing away bonuses, aways picnics and other moral building activites are going to help the company when all it is really doing is making unhappy workers! Many workers at nestle have termianlly ill spouses, and even children that may be disabled or have special needs, some have all at one time. Yet Nestle has these employess working long hard hours with no retribute or insentive. What happens in a emergency and a person has to leave, but they can't because there is no one there to cover? What happens their husband or wife dies? I mean this is not proper work place ettiquete. Nestle seems more worried about their profit then they are the employees who make them what they are today. They give nothing to these hard working men and women to say thank you. A birthday comes and you get a $5 gift card. Really $5 to a fast food resturant. Wow you better hope they have a dollar menu! How is that a reward? Its a joke. All the hard work and sweat these men and women put into this company and Neslte shows them no respect or gives them no thank you other then having a job. There are a lot of companies out there who will do for their employees. Nestle may want to wake up. I mean if a employee is working 12 -14 hours, does anyone stop to think that that man or woman may have children at home who need care. That they need to realive a wife or husband so they can keep their job. When something goes wrong with in the warehouse, like a machine down, or the computers, there is no back up plan in place ever! Employees in the warehouse are sitting for 6-8 hours with nothing to do! Why? Because they rely only on machines and no one stops to think to have one hand written copy of anything just in case! It is so wrong! Employees are people too. So while the big wigs are sleeping in having coffe and sitting in their big comfy chairs they need to stop and think of the true people who keep Nestle what it is today, the warehouse men and drivers. Without them and their hard work Nestle would be nothing! I highly doubt the suits would come down in the warehouse and work 16 hour days neglecting their families and thier needs for no incentives, bounuses or anything that just says thank you. I ask Nestle to please re-evalute your situation. Think about the employees, give them more then dime raises, many are struggling to raise families, many have speacial needs, please give them back their monthly bounuses virses every three months. Award their hard work with family picnics. Christmas parties and give them that Christmas bonus they all deserve so much. Cause in all honesty most Nestle employees live paycheck to paycheck and christmas is something many rely on churches for. That is pretty sad in this day and age with a corporation as big as Nestle. Lets give the blue collar worker something to work for. Make them feel that they are as valuable as we all know they are.!! I think Nestle needs a undercover boss episode and they need it in the california area, Industry, Carson, Riverside, Irvine! Where your hardest and most dedicated workers are!

Offender: Nestle DSD

Country: USA   State: California   City: Industry
Address: 0000 Ice cream lane

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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