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Gold Max
False advertising, useless procedures, pays less than half of gold value

With the surplus of gold buyers out there i thought i would save some time by calling in advance to see what these people would offer for a specific amount of a certain karat of gold. The phone number i called was the corporate office and i asked what they were paying for X amount of grams of 14k gold scrap. I was told that since the price of gold changes daily, I would have to visit a store for my gold to be tested and weighed and priced at the CURRENT MARKET VALUE.

Its the last three words of that sentence that caught my attention. So i drove to the store. These people claim to pay the maximum amount for your gold, hence the name GoldMax. Well what a lie!!!
I realize i could have turned the offer down and taken my gold back, but in my defense I am dyslexic and it takes me longer than the average person dealing with numbers. Thank god i only took a small portion of my scrap to them.

They took my drivers license information down and got my fingerprint. Which i didnt mind this at all. I was told that this was to keep thieves from bringing in stolen gold. But it is a useless act when they dont even hold the gold for 24 hrs after receiving it (as i found this out later.) The sales clerk happened to mention that i was the only customer all day long. And as i left, the store was closing.

On the day i sold my gold, 14k was going for 33.15 dollars a gram. When i mentioned this to them, they said that jewelry is measured in pennyweights. And that was the reason why our figures were not even close. I figured i had made the mistake being dyslexic and all. So when i got home I used a jewelry scrap converter based on the current market value for grams and pennyweights for 14k. I was paid 15.55 per gram. I was appalled when i realized that they didnt even pay for half the value.

As i said earlier the clerk mentioned that i was the only customer all day and since they closed right after i left, I thought i would return when they opened the next morn and give them their check back in return for my scrap. There should be no confusion as to what gold was mine as i was the only customer and besides that, surely they keep everyone's gold separate or whats the use of a fingerprint and license information?

I was the first customer the next day and when i asked for my gold back and tried giving them the check they had given me (because they do not pay in cash) I was told my gold was all ready gone to Atlanta for processing. (less than 24 hrs) Which means that the fingerprint and license info does nothing to prevent the selling of stolen gold!!!

Again, i realize i could have turned their offer down. So i will take some of the blame for that. But know this. Gold Max should be called Gold Less. You will get Less than half the value of your gold and these people could careLess if the gold they buy is stolen. The fingerprint and drivers license info that is obtained is B.S. When the gold is untraceable in less than 24 hrs after it is purchased.

One more thing

Even the gold buyers that operate through the mail give you an option to get your gold back. The following was taken off a such a website... If you do not wish to accept our check and would like your items back, you must call us at (888) xxx-xxxx to provide notice of your non-acceptance to a customer service representative within ten (10) days of the date on the check. Which means these people hold the gold for at least 10 days!!! Where as gold max, not even 24 hours. So buyer beware. You may want to seriously think about mailing your gold to one of these operations before dealing with the ripoffs at GoldMax... Scuse me, GoldLess.

Offender: Gold Max

Country: USA   State: Texas
Phone: 8774653629

Category: Business & Finance


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