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They have taken advantage of me

For the past two years, I have given a total of over $200 through DialAmerica to MADD. I was first contacted by DialAmerica in early 2009 and when they said they were involved with a donation campaign for MADD, of course I wanted to contribute. I asked if I could just make a donation directly to MADD over the phone since I did not want the magazines. I was told I had to purchase the magazines to give through them. I of course later learned that MADD only receives a very small portion of the money from each magazine sale, and you can't even report it as a charitable contribution on your taxes.
I purchased a total of $95 worth of magazines three months ago from them. And three months later, DialAmerica started calling my house again—every single weeknight between 5-6pm. I tried to explain to them the first time they called that I just bought magazines form them and that I would not be making any more purchases until 2011. I was told that there would be a note made and that I would be removed from their call list until then. This was a blatent lie. I have the call logs to prove it on my Caller ID. They have continued to call every single day. They are relentless. Yesterday evening as I was preparing dinner, they called. I was livid. I answered the phone and the first thing out of my mouth was "No Thank You" before the marketer even said a word. Well, of course, this did nothing. The woman kept talking like a robot with a prepared, practiced speech. I tried explaining to her I have already given three months ago and that I did not want to give anymore right now. She kept on. I then told her quite loudly, "If you people do not stop calling me, I WILL report you for phone harrassment." You would think that would do the trick. But no, she kept on. I finally said, "Take me off your call list now!" And then I hung up.
Time will only tell if they will continue to call me or not. I am almost 100% positive that they will. Shame on MADD for using these people. I give well over $1000 per year to charitable causes. I have always admired MADD for their cause, but I don't know if I can ever give to them again after going through this experience. I feel terribly taken advantage of by DialAmerica. You would think that they would show appreciation and respect to the very people that give them money. But it is quite the opposite. Please do NOT give through DialAmerica. Please donate directly to MADD. I have learned my lesson.: (

Offender: DialAmerica

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Business & Finance


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