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Complaint / Review
NBI Consultants & Jim Weisbrot
The company does not buy the gold and they will rip you off severely

I worked at this company until the scam was revealed through a coworkers customer who requested their gold to be delivered and Jim changed the story on the client telling them that they needed to buy at least $50,000.00 not $30,000.00 to get the actual metal. It is the companies practice to tell every client that they are purchasing the actual metal and they can take possession of it at any time. The value of gold had increased by around $70.00/ounce when the client requested possession of their metal and he did not give them that money and decreased what they should have gotten back by an additional $2000.00.

They also tell you that you will be able to move your position in and out of multiple currencies to take advantage of the fluctuation of the different economies but the math they present their figures with are wrong. There could be money to be made by the concept if you had someone who was actively shifting your position from metal to cash on a regular basis or during the shifts in the market, and this is what they say they are doing, but that is not the case. Your money is going into NBI's account, not a clearing firm, and Jim does not actively move any positions except for maybe his own.

Finally, the guy has a major marijuana habit and after being there for even a short period of time I would only trust him to rip people off and nothing more.

Find a company that at least puts your money in an actual clearing house and that is who you write your check out to. Know that you have access to those funds, or take possession of the metal upon purchase.

There is nothing redeeming about this outfit. Also check Jim's criminal background. Precious metals is a great business and it is sad that people like this are fooling good people including myself for a short period of time.


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