Complaint / review / scam report
Tim Cho Scott Cho Timothy Cho Hin Kung Cho Newport Coast Capital Corporation
Fraud, Theft, Slander, Abuse, Sex Addict, Criminal, Felon

Complaint / review text:
Tim Cho is the bottom feeder of the US. He has stolen millions of dollars from unsuspecting investors including the elderly. He frequents prostitutes, and had sexual addiction problems including molesting children. He has harmed every female that entered his life. He has filed Bankruptcy and ripped off many companies. He has filed false reports to the courts, commited perjury, Bought off witnesses, lied to judges, used religous lies to steal from investors and everyday people.
He is currently being sued for a laundry list of charges which will all bear fruit. There are many victims. Everything will be published. The federal authorities are on his tail and will scrape him up very soon. He has more federal cases coming against him. He has slandered his victims and printed public information like a rapist further violates their victims. Yet, their are many witnesses and victims against the guy and his family including his only son. Who also participated in the theft and fraud like his father. The kid has evil tendencies like on his myspace pages and his name fork of evil, his costumes and headgear, etc...
The guys day is coming quickly. He violates orders against him to stay away from his victims, and has purposefully misrepresented all things he has ever said. He has taken others information and slandered his victims with it knowing what violations are going to be enforced. He tries continuously to give false information and straighrt up lies even though he is losing continuing multiple legal battles. He tries to intimidate and threaten. He threatens lives. He threatens his own family, lies, is a domestic violence criminal, and illegally sought out personal information and turned it into fabrications because he is losing all his legal battles. He owes judgements that judges have ordered, claimed his lawyers are working for free, thinks nobody knows where he lives. We wont post his address just yet. But it will all be out very soon. Hint: On a hill with a pool and he tells the courts he is flat broke. He has been shut down by all authorities and has a total criminal past. He continues to repeat his cycle. Just with new victims, and new names. He committed fraud on some properties over the last 25 years that is being investiagated as well. Personal and in his investment schemes.
He has many enemies and many of them will be face to face with him in the courtroom that is if he isnt hauled off to jail first. The federal charges will land him no less than 20 years in federal penitentiary when convicted.
He took his victims money to live in expensive homes and drive ferrarris and mercedes, and buy expensive jewelry and anything to show off. At the expense of elderly people and peoples life savings. Then he attacks them.
He never had a license to sell securities or investments. He feels he is above every law in this country. He fought back with the Federal Trade Commission and totally lost. That fine was almost 4 million and will be coming around for collection now that he has violated the orders.

Should you involve yourself in any way with this person you will lose if you put yourself in that position. By not compromising essential information, of the courts and charges and more suits forthcoming from multiple victims, you have to be at your own risk. Protect yourself and everyone you know. There is much more to come as this man spends his life in prison. This very ugly man inside and out should be locked up and the key destroyed for the sake of all. This is imminent. He wont get out of what he is in this time. He destroyed a friend of mine who is never ever going to give up on justice no matter what. He has protective orders against him also.
He files applications falsely, exaggerates his information and assets, lies to people about what he owns. He was always in hock never owned anything just all showing off. He has been a familiar fraud and thief in this country for a long time. He cant make friends because he hates everyone and the feeling is mutual. He tries to buy women. Run, he isnt for real. Just dont take your kids around him. He always has problems with his neighbors and violence frequently arises. They damage his cars and his property because of his arrogance and police reports state one tried to beat his door down, and he went after them.
His Addresses are:

That landlord was stuck in his drama and mess.
In Pacific Ridge
He drives to Chinatown, Chino for prostitutes, and is currently in hiding due to threats from the investors whom he scammed.
He also ripped off his business partners and that drama is erupting.
He thinks he is evading the law and the judges and all his victims.

Contact information:
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Offender: Tim Cho Scott Cho Timothy Cho Hin Kung Cho Newport Coast Capital Corporation

Country: USA   State: California   City: United States
Address: Newport Coast California

Category: Business & Finance


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