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Complaint / Review
Maxum Gold Bnk: Christopher Pedras: Potential Racist
Chris Pedras Possible Racist

I recently was forwarded filed by Mikeg from one the asset managers at Chase bank. I understand where Mike is coming from. I too had a relationship with Christopher Pedras. I think he is a very knowledgable guy about the REO business. I started noticing that as time went on he would make scary comments. One time he got mad at a broker who was posing as a buyer and he simply said he would go to his house and "shoot him in the head". Another time he was bragging about how untouchable he was from the authorities because he is an ex-treasury agent and boldly said he could easily add to the mafias "body supply in the river, if you know what I mean".

Through fear I decided to start recording my conversations with him. I currently have about a dozen recorded convos. Most of them are normal. The only ones that stand out was when he called his associate Eric Beans " a good-toosho gullible Christian"... He described Sylvester Gray as to himself but a little wierd because he said he suffers from paranoia from being around others... But then he made a comment about Eric's wife because she is from African Descent and he stated, "thats the only thing about him I am disappointed in"... Now I am from African Descent. I graduated from a top tier school in the country. I told him I was personally insulted. It was at that point he raised his voice to me. That was when I snapped, I told him that was not professional and we got into. Finally, in a recorded conversation he told he was goind to send me a cease and desist order and to "go back to Africa, you F*&%$g cotton picker"... Then he hung up.

I spoke to my lawyer and let him hear the conversation and he wanted to press charges. But I thought that maybe there were others who dealt with Christopher Pedras that would stand up with me. When I read Mikeg report, I knew I wasnt alone.

Now to Eric and Sylvester, If you ask Chris about those comments, of course he is going to deny them. Do you think he is stupid? He will deny them and bring up your history and other associates he knows. All I'm going to say is that someone can have a lot of friends of different ethnicities and still be racist at heart. Someone can be your best friend and still be jealous of you at heart.

To Mikeg and every other broker out victimized by Christopher Pedras. I have three recorded conversations I can show in court, If you have evidence about their wrongdoings, file a report right here on Complaint will never take your report off the internet. Let the world know about Christopher's crimes either through internet, or walking right to his office at Carly Creek Dr.

One more thing, Chris please do not ask me to reveal myself. I am waiting for something bigger to be put together.

Mikeg, you're the man! You had the guts where I was afraid. Thank you and I will be searching the internet world trying to reach you. Until then take care man.

Offender: Maxum Gold Bnk: Christopher Pedras: Potential Racist

Country: USA   State: California   City: Patterson
Address: 1444 Carly Creek Dr
Phone: 4155135330

Category: Business & Finance


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