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Scam and fraud!

On Sat March 22 2008, I took my 2 lb Male Tea Cup Yorkie there to be groomed for Easter, To be honest he was a little matted on his head thanks to my 3 yr old trying to put pony tails in (but not bad at all). I asked them to give him a bath and clip him in a standard yorkie cut he is a puppy and I want to show him off. No ...

Boulder's Natural Animal
Inappropriate behavior!

Our 12-year-old cat had Diabetes, a treatable disease, but after four months we had been unable to regulate his insulin at home or care for him as well as we wanted to with our available space & monetary resources. He was constantly unhappy and his quality of life was very low. He had more bad time than good time and had to be ...

Silvermine Kennel
Terrible breeder!

A little less than a year ago my family and I purchased a puppy from Silvermine a March '07 Lady/Gambler litter our little Zoe was born... I had called up in hopes to find a puppy to train to become a 'seizure alert' dog, as I have epilepsy... And that's where it all begins. Within in a day or two of getting Zoe we ...