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Complaint / Review
Silvana Fillmore


I called her on keen becuase she said I WON AMERICAS PSYCHC CHALLANGE on Keen. I thought she was that other lady, the one who found the guy in the box underground. Wile I was calling, I saw it was someone else. So I just hung up, and was going to leave it at that. She wrote me to call her back. I told her I wanted to talk to the other. This is what silvana fillmore sent to me. It freaked me out. Why did she not just leave me alone? I can see why she got kicked off of keen
. A true psychic. Silvana is jealouse of her.

Author: i just waned a reading
& original message & from: psychic silvana fillmore subject: re: re: my dear new friend,
for your information this pathetic letter from you is being handled now by my lawyer as well as the people who protect me from slander and ignorant fools such as yourself.
I am an official winner of amercas psychic challenge. Episode 2. Is the episode i won fair and squre whch in the 58 page rule book from the television competition (which i am sure u too have access too as u obviously work for michelle w d.) lol it clearly states that there are 8 winners and i happen to be 1 of them. Not that it is any of your business you sad sad dark soul, but the show was only picked up and purchased by lifetimes' execs, because i filmed the pilot twice! Before ayone would even touch the show with other contestants. Lifetimes' execs phoned me personally to inform me that unless i agree to appear on the actual televised show, they will not be picking up americas psychc challenge. (i have it in writing btw, let your legal team know, since you will now be needing one - for the slander letter below... I do not blame games... So you just got your self into some serious legal discomfort... Yes... Should have checked the facts miss. Know it all) btw, did you know that all thecrime scenes michelle "appeared on" were pre-filmed by myself and 2 other psychics who soved the crimes legitimately on pilot tape before michelle watched it and then had to "solve" them (having been given the script already knowing what took place...) by the time she was being filmed on the actual challenge? Noo... I guess that is a surprise for u also... But what do u expect? There are winners, and then there are losers... Thank you kindly for your letter, as i said: you are so wrong, you have made a legally wrong move, so now you must deal with the consequences of attacking and personally slendering harrassing an innocent psychic who happens to be a public person / celebrity, therfore you have just gained the label for yourself of a true blue 100% ill intending stalker to a public winner of "americas psychic challenge" (ep. 2) and will be repremanded accordingly.
Good luck to you!:) psychic silvana fillmore as witnessed by my legal team and keen, officially on file for the record

This email prooves what an evil moron Silvana is. But she makes fun of how dumb americans are that she will get rich there.

Silvana is always the victum. Its never anyone else fault. Lol

Please contribute with any more information anyone has about her.

Sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company. Plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome.


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