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Walmart's My Family Mobile
My family mobile powered by t-mobile, customer care people refer you to e-mail support... E-mail support doesn't respond! Charging for a line cancelled two months ago!

HERE IS MY E-MAIL TO Walmart's My Family Mobile Customer Relations sent 3/25/11:

This is my FINAL attempt at contacting you in the hopes that you will finally provide me with some satisfactory customer service... I e-mailed last Thursday, 3/17 and still am waiting to hear from you!
Here is my complaint once again, which has now turned into a LIST of complaints:

On 1/31/11:
I called to cancel the third line on my account.
I was told by the customer care person that I would only be billed for three lines ONE FINAL TIME & after making ONE FINAL $111.35 payment, I would pay for TWO lines only after that.

I paid the FINAL payment of $111.35 for three lines.

My current bill, which is now past due is still $111.35, for three lines.

I called to ask for an adjustment to my bill which was due on 3/19. That customer "care" person told me I would have to e-mail customer relations in order to have the adjustment made. I was told it would only take a couple days for it to be corrected.

I e-mailed customer relations, explained the error & asked that my bill be adjusted BEFORE the due date in order for me to make the CORRECT payment before my service was suspended. I received a standard response stating I would hear back within 3 BUSINESS DAYS.

It had been 4 BUSINESS DAYS with no response & I kept receiving recorded calls telling me to pay my bill before my service was suspended... So I called customer "care" again. This time I spoke with Mike F. Rep #14157915. I explained the situation again to him. He assured me customer relations would be in touch with me soon. He said to wait to hear from customer relations and told me he sent them an URGENT request, flagging my account, so I would get a rapid reponse, but stated that they are allowed 15 BUSINESS DAYS to respond... CONTRARY TO WHAT IS STATED ON THE AUTO-REPLY MESSAGE I RECEIVED!!! He also stated my remaining two lines would NOT be shut off until 3/28 in order to allow time to resolve the situation.

My service was SUSPENDED, three days before I was promised... And still NO RESPONSE from
CUSTOMER RELATIONS!!! I again called customer "care", asking to speak with Mike so I would not have to explain the situation yet again... Of course, it was not possible to reach him again. So I went through the whole story again with Carlos A. Rep #14157002. He proceeded to tell me I still would have to pay the entire $111.35 in order to restore my service. He also stated the cancelled line had been last used on 2/25... This is impossible... I do not even own that phone anymore! And according to my usage records on it had not been used since the beginning of February (WHICH I ALREADY PAID FOR... Technically, I paid for unlimited use of that line through 2/28/11!!!)
Again I was quoted your standard script..."e-mail customer relations & they will take care of you"... I explained that I had already done that with STILL NO RESPONSE!

After becoming thoroughly angry & disgusted I managed to be transferred to Ed O., Rep #14157169, who identified himself as a supervisor. I ONCE AGAIN explained the problem and he then tried to tell me the last usage on the cancelled line was on the 2/28... And in the next sentence changed it to 2/29/11!!! Now I was completely fed up with being LIED to! I informed him that the previous rep had said 2/25, and now he himself had said two additional different dates... And I know for a fact it was not used on any of those dates! Again I was told there was nothing he could do... All adjustments/credits are done through the online customer service... His suggestion was to pay the bill for three lines ($111.35) again, and e-mail CUSTOMER RELATIONS to request a credit.

This is absurd!!! I cannot even get a response after what has now been 7 BUSINESS DAYS... My phones which I use for business purposes are now shut off and I am VERY UPSET!!! It would be lovely to get a response and an adjustment to my bill... Even better for my phones to be re-activated at no cost, but I'm not holding my breath... I thought Wal-Mart was all about helping families save money. I see now, that is just another lie to add to this long list! I will be posting this complaint on for all to see... Maybe that will get your attention. If this issue gets resolved I will be happy to update my report to show that, but if not, hopefully it will save anyone else from being sucked into your SCAM.

Offender: Walmart's My Family Mobile

Country: USA   State: New Mexico   City: Albuquerque
Address: PO Box 3220
Phone: 8774409758

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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